Advisor<br/><span>Optimise your equity financing activities with Equiteasy</span>

Optimise your equity financing activities with Equiteasy

Why You Should Use Equiteasy

  • Consolidate your customer relationship and offer a service with a high added value.
  • Offer additional services, such as VDD, legal structuring, business plans, etc.
  • Prepare a presentation or pitch based on investor’s expectations and criteria.
  • Contact relevant investors directly to elevate your chances of your project reaching an interested party.
  • Receive instant notifications on your project’s developments.
  • Make investors compete for the best offer.
  • Unlike traditional models, you benefit from transparent pricing based on the success of your project.

Supporting your clients through all the stages of fundraising, business transfers and takeovers is easier than ever thanks to Equiteasy.

Our solution in 5 steps

Upload your project

Upload your project

You and your client will upload the project and all relevant documents (balance sheets, commercial presentations, etc.) using our secure form designed specifically with investor expectations in mind.

Run the algorithm

Run the algorithm

Our Equartyp algorithm matches the project with the most suitable investors. You will then choose the investors you wish to contact and add them to the project.

Contact investors

Contact investors

Your chosen investors receive a brief and an anonymous description of the business, keeping everything strictly confidential.

Manage communications

Manage communications

Investors interested in your project will contact you via the platform requesting full access to your project’s information. They will sign an electronic NDA where applicable.

Liaise privately

Liaise privately

Exchange messages and share documents through our secure platform.

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